A Blyssful Life Starts Here

Energize yourself with our organic matcha green tea

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A Blyssful Life Starts Here

Energize yourself with our organic matcha green tea

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A Blyssful Life Starts Here

Energize yourself with our organic matcha green tea

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Living a Blyssful Life with Ceremonial Grade Matcha

Blyssful is a state of being that comes as a result of the holistic wellness of the body, mind, and

This modern world is filled with technological solutions that bring instant gratification, as well as
instant stress. In our hands, we have a constant source of unlimited information and incessant
notification that keeps our minds on high alert at all times. The lines between work and personal
time have become blurry simply because our phones serve as a consistent reminder of the
things we need to accomplish or the people we need to respond to. Twenty-four hours suddenly
no longer seems enough for work, responsibilities, recreation, wellness, and rest. Even the way
we eat has become instantaneous - turning to highly processed or fast food whenever we can’t
find the time for a healthy meal. As a result of stress and poor health choices, we have seen
more cases of cancer, autoimmune disease, and mental health problems year after year.

We get so caught up in our urban lifestyles, causing many of us to lose sight of the fact that
humans are simply a part of the vastness of nature. We are 100% natural beings with our
history rooted in the earth. We believe that to truly care for ourselves, we must return to our
origins and most natural source: nature. This is why we would like to share the physical, mental
and spiritual benefits that our ceremonial grade matcha brings. Made with raw leaves from
Kagoshima, Japan’s premier region for organic tea, our ceremonial grade matcha is a source of
nutrition and vitality directly from mother nature.

Life is a balance of action and rest. Here at Blyssful, we believe that the pauses we take are just
as essential as the moves we make. By distancing from the external noise and chaos, we are
able to step into the simplicity of what it means to care for ourselves. We become capable of
simply being, of noticing the things that our bodies, minds, and spirits genuinely need. It is
through this stillness that we can move towards true wellness. Through our products, we
encourage you to find the time to take this daily pause. Our ceremonial grade matcha contains
healing and energy-giving properties that work as a perfect boost as you take action throughout
your day - and your life.

Nature is where we, and our ceremonial grade matcha, begin and end. Connecting with the
earth means coming home to our bodies. And rediscovering home within ourselves is what
Blyssful is all about.

Our Story

What is
Blyssful Ltd ?

Wellness is a way of life for those who choose it. As life becomes increasingly chaotic,
people around the world are beginning to realize that taking time to nourish...

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