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Wellness is a way of life for those who choose it. As life becomes increasingly chaotic, people around the world are beginning to realize that taking time to nourish the mind and body leads to better health, happiness, productivity, and quality of life.

For us at Blyssful, we see the need to take care of ourselves, simplify our lives, and get back to the roots of living. That’s how we found the power in matcha and why we want to share with you the benefits and traditions of this amazing tea.

What makes matcha so special -- particularly in its use in ceremonies, meditations, and general wellness -- has to do with what’s in the plant itself. Matcha is an antioxidant powerhouse, with high chlorophyll content and L-Theanine. It makes for a potent detoxifying agent that helps maintain healthy lifestyles and mindsets in those who choose to drink it regularly.

Matcha doesn’t just help keep our bodies healthy, it also nurtures our minds and souls, bringing holistic wellness with every sip.

Blyssful is more than just a brand of matcha, we are a community, a place to build and love and grow together.

We are eager to bring you the traditional roots of matcha so you may further your positive journey towards wellness, health, and a Blyssful life.


Founder & CEO

Pamela Torbey