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Premium Ceremonial Grade Organic Matcha | BLYSSFUL

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We're proud to offer Organic Ceremonial Matcha that comes from Shizuoka, providing exceptional taste and beneficial nutrients. It's the healthiest way to honor your wellness journey.

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Product Description

First Harvest tea leaves are handpicked and stone-milled, crafted into our Premium Ceremonial grade organic matcha. 

Our premium ceremonial grade matcha is produced by a family-run tea house based in Shizuoka. Our raw leaves come from the Kagoshima region, the No1 region for organic tea, where the soil is best suited for growing the organic tencha tree. The leaves are then moved to Shizuoka to be reviewed by the tea master to ensure the highest quality of leaves are selected to then be processed into the matcha you receive. 

Most commonly used for:
Traditionally prepared matcha

Kagoshima, Japan

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Practice gratitude

Even in our darkest moments, there is always something to be grateful for. It can be as simple
as waking up in the morning, the beauty of the sunset, or the first sip of your favorite drink. The
daily practice of gratitude helps our subconscious mind to notice what we have instead of being
upset over what we don’t.

Give thanks on a consistent basis, and observe how it leads you to finding even more things to be grateful for.

Set aside time that’s just for you

Many of us have been conditioned to believe that we must always be productive with our time.
Because of this, we tend to forget or feel bad about allocating some space in our day that’s
exclusively for us. Whether it’s in the form of meditation, dressing up for no reason, watching
your favorite show, or spending some time in nature, set aside some time to do things simply
because they bring you joy.

You deserve it.

Intentionally nourish your mind, body, and soul

The practice of intentionally consuming things that nourish our body also contributes to the
wellness of our mind and soul. Creating a ritual around this, like drinking matcha, connects us to
the plant’s nourishment and to our own self.

Reap the benefits of matcha with your own tea-time ritual that will allow you to tune into your body and take some time for rest and mindfulness. We suggest doing this in the morning so you can set your intentions for the day ahead.

Connect with like-minded people

The people closest to us have a profound impact on our lives. This is why we need to surround
ourselves with those that help us adopt empowering beliefs, motivate us to be better people,
and inspire us to believe in ourselves.

Our Blyssful community aims to do just that. Connect with a group of people committed to growth, mindfulness, and the holistic nourishment of mind, body, and soul.